Saturday, 18 February 2012

Help us find our bikes!

Our garage was broken into last night and 6 nice bikes were stolen. They were locked up but the cables were cut and some were locked up together with D locks. Please help us find our pride and joys by spreading the word about this blog and keeping an eye out.

if you see anything please email ferrariby40 (at) hotmaildotcom


  1. As this blog is being retweeted on twitter it might be worth posting on the blog what part of the country the bikes were stolen from. Good luck with your search and hopefully they are found.

  2. They were stolen from Croydon but we want people everywhere to be aware as they aren't cheap bikes and it's quite possible that they could be shipped elsewhere.
    Thanks for looking!

  3. Sorry to hear about this Philip - I assume you are checking, good luck, Alan malarkey